Increasing engagement between

Pregnant Mothers
and OBGYNs

The Materno digital maternity platform supports OBGYNs in delivering a better experience to pregnant mothers.

A Digital Maternity
Platform for Every Pregnancy

Materno is a digital maternity platform by Metronomic that increases the engagement between pregnant mothers and Obstetricians. With secure remote monitoring and telemedicine capability, Materno ensures the proper use of clinical evidence to improve the overall pregnancy experience

Enabling OBGYNs to deliver care remotely

Materno supports the continued delivery of care whilst keeping face to face interactions to a minimum.
This helps OBGYNs and pregnant mothers maintain social distancing.


Consultations can be given remotely with Materno’s secure video and voice calling capabilities. These appointments may be scheduled in the care plan or additional consultations if requested by either the pregnant mother or OBGYN.

Pregnancy Health Diary

With numerous milestones, appointments and tests during pregnancy. Materno’s Pregnancy Health Diary keeps track of everything and sends alerts and notifications to the pregnant mother to ensure nothing is missed.

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor and track weight, blood glucose, blood pressure and Foetal Heart Rate with connected, FDA approved devices. All relevant medical information is securely stored for the OBGYN to review at any time.

Personalized care plans

Evidence-based protocols are on-hand to make it easier for OBGYNs to produce and assign  care plans for each pregnancy. Care plans can be easily customized to allow for the best in personalized care.

EMR Integration

The platform is integrated with the pregnant mother’s Electronic Medical Record in the OBGYNs clinic/hospital. All consultations, medications and tracked data from the Materno app is recorded and consistent with the information that is held by the OBGYN.

Benefits for pregnant

One App For All Your
Prenatal Care

Materno is a multifunctional digital platform which utilises a mobile phone app to ensure that medical records and pregnancy timelines are centralised into one secure accessible area for both OBGYNs and pregnant mothers.

We bring providers, pregnant mothers, and the bill payers on the same page to ensure safer and better pregnancies.

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The Materno digital maternity platform supports OBGYNs in delivering a better experience to pregnant mothers. By increasing the ease and level of communication between you and pregnant mothers, Materno builds trust and helps you do more for those you care for.

Pregnant Mother

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life. During this time, regular visits to your OBGYN are necessary to ensure that your and your baby’s well-being are maintained throughout the course of your pregnancy. Materno is a complete solution. It aims to make the..