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If there is something worrying you, regarding the baby and your health, you can check our videos on the app. We have a solution for every problem a new mother could experience during her pregnancy.

Our experts have made these videos as simple as possible, to give you a
better idea of the changes happening inside your body. These are on the home screen of our app.

There is also a button that says ‘packages’. We have tied up with several maternity hospitals in the country, so you can book a lab test whenever you want. No need to wait to fix an appointment with the lab technician.

Everything will be done via our app. Once you get the confirmation that your test date and time are approved, just go and give the test. You can get your results on the app, too, or you can collect them from the hospital. Whatever is comfortable for you.

Our App

Our coach will be there for
you all the time, 24x7.

All you need to do is click on the coach button in our app, and you will get in touch with them, without having to wait in line for hours.

Thus, you get instant support from the maternity expert in no time. Our app will also work as your personal maternal doctor.

Besides, once you put the information in our app, it will be saved in the cloud, and even if you delete the app or use it on any other mobile, once you fill up your required login details, your pregnancy track will show up just the same. That’s the power of technology and apps!

All these questions have answers to our app,
there for you when you need it most.

You might have questions such as’ what is my due date’? ‘Are the symptoms and the pain
I’m experiencing during my pregnancy are normal’? ‘Which activities, food items,
and substances I need to avoid to have a healthy baby’?

Humans, you have availability issues. They might be attending to some other patients, thus they might be unavailable when you call. But our app is there for you all the time on your phone, waiting for you to take its assistance.

So ready yourself and make some of the best memories of your life. Pregnancy is tough, and we know that. Your body is ever-changing during this time. And with that, you have mood swings. But don’t let these things get you down. Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest.

This is the time when you can be the queen of the house and make everyone pamper you. So have fun and if you have any worries regarding your medical health, just open our app and get all your concerns answered. Congratulations to the mom-to-be!!

The Materno platform

The app is available for Apple and Android phones to mothers under the care of OBGYNs that use the Materno platform.