Save time and deliver an outstanding pregnancy experience

The Materno digital maternity platform supports OBGYNs in delivering a better experience to pregnant mothers. By increasing the ease and level of communication between you and pregnant mothers, Materno builds trust and helps you do more for those you care for.


Improve engagement and increase stickiness with your patients

  • Allows you to to monitor mothers in between appointments
  • Provide consultations anytime you wish without having to be at your clinic or hospital
  • Improve  the reputation and image of your medical centre


Save time creating customized care plans

  • Have best practice protocols to hand to help you make the most appropriate plan
  • Plans feed directly into mothers’ Pregnancy Health Diary
  • Create do’s and don’ts for mothers, they will be notified through the app  along with reminders and updates relating to their plan
Better time management through common interface for EMR and Tele-consults

  • Capture reports, results and consultations on a single platform
  • Captures all billable activity to ensure that nothing is missed
  • Generate curated records for patient from every interaction
  • Materno currently integrates with Greenway and AllScripts, we are currently working hard to add more to this list


Monitor high-risk pregnancies more closely

  • Remotely monitor your patient’s BP,BG,FHR,Weight with FDA approved connected devices  – you decide what is required for each pregnancy
  • Chart important results and vitals to help you provide better quality of care
  • Additional monitoring and medication will be included in the Care Plan and Mothers Pregnancy health Diary
Continually developing the next generation

We are currently validating our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms that will enable us to provide you with analytical tools to help you predict adverse events and help identify which mothers you need to see sooner than expected.


If you would like to learn more about introducing Materno to your hospital or clinic