Putting YOU in control of your care

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life. During this time, regular visits to your OBGYN are necessary to ensure that your and your baby’s well-being are maintained throughout the course of your pregnancy.

Materno is a complete solution. It aims to make the whole pregnancy experience easier whilst improving the quality of care and easing any burdens or anxieties that can occur unexpectedly during any pregnancy.

Benefits for pregnant mothers

Save time

travelling and waiting for face to face appointments with remote video and audio consultations.

Improve planning

with a Personal care diary schedules and alerts you of appointments, tests and medication

Share more information with your OBGYN

Provide key information instantly by tracking symptoms, contractions and baby kicks

Stay informed

with Suggested articles and tips relevant for your stage of pregnancy

Your Journey with Materno

the Materno platform
The app is available for Apple and Android phones to mothers under the care of OBGYNs that use the Materno platform.